EAT whatever you want whenever you want. Multiple Restaurants with only one delivery fee.

Eat what you, whenever you want.


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Can't decide? KitchaCo has you covered with the multi-restaurant kitchen delivery solution. 

Eat what you want, whenever you want. 

We want it all!

Have you ever wanted to order a burger from one restaurant and a few cheeky donuts from another but decided against it because of two delivery fees? Now you can order what you like with KitchaCo!


With multiple restaurants at your fingertips, you will no longer be restricted to ordering through one restaurant. 


Today is the age of 'The Kitchen Collective", the day of new beginnings, of hotdogs, burritos, fries, soups and curries, the day that YOU get to eat what YOU want and not what everyone else in the room is craving. 

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